The sound of Chenda

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Thrissur Pooram

Last year when we had visited Rivas’s house in Thrissur, his dad had spoken very highly about the “Thrissur Pooram”. He had talked about how during the Pooram, a lot of chenda (a kind of drum) players would play together to hypnotic effect. From what he described, it seemed to be a kind of thing that I would very much like to attend.

This year I was surfing for some information about Pushkar, when I came across an article mentioning the Thrissur Pooram. I immediately called up Rivas and he told me that it was due on the 24th of April. It being a Saturday and nothing major planned, Thrissur Pooram was on :)(along with some very delicious beef cooked by Rivas’s mom which should never missed).During Thrissur Pooram various nearby temples bring processions to the  Vadakkunnathan temple to pay their homage. Of these temples, the two major “heavy weights” are Paramekkavu and Thiruvambadi. More


The wonder that is Mangalajodi


During  my bike trip from Bangalore to Kolkata, bird-watching at Mangalajodi was going to be the high point. Mangalajodi is a huge marshland along the northern edge of Chilika lake. It was on my wish list for quiet sometime now and when i was in that part of the country,i did not miss the opportunity to visit the place. The place was simply awesome, and birding from the boat  slowly moving through the mashes was a pleasure.

For more information about the place:

When in Mangalajodi, ask for Madhu as your guide. He is just brilliant.


Take me home


While driving during my September 2009 Goa road trip I started to think about the idea of driving from Bangalore to Kolkata, for the trip home.
I first saw the milestone for Kolkata(which read about 1900 odd kms) on my way to Chennai and since I’ve started riding , I’ve this weird temptation of riding to the place if I see a milestone for it :).
Even though i was playing around with this idea, I was quiet skeptical about actually executing it because the distance was pretty big and that I would have to take some extra leaves too.


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