Vang Vieng : First Impressions

Date : 21st November 2014

9:15 PM

Arrived at Vang Vieng (VV) . The journey was unremarkable, rattling through Laotian countryside .

First impressions of VV:  Everything that people warned about in travel forums seems to be true. Hordes of backpackers bumping into each other in a 3 street hamlet trying to get their slice of the banana-pancake trail. My hostel was nice and clean and the Laos are dignified and welcoming as ever. My current pet peeve are British backpacker in particular.

Trying not to be judgemental in the initial impressions in the darkness of the night. Hopefully VV will be a lot more pleasant in daylight, else there are countless counters selling bus tickets to Luang Prabang


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