Wet Goa

The next day morning was no different. It was gloomy and raining. In the news there were reports of massive floods in northern Karnataka. By noon it stopped raining for a while and i decided to venture out and enjoy my wet vacation. After a hearty meal of fish curry,rice and clamps i headed to the beaches. The closest ones were Anjuna, Vagator and Chapora. One of the locals at the tea stall told me that there’s a fort near Chapora. By the time i reached the fort, it started raining again :(.

Vagator Beach

I was determined not to let the rains ruin my vacation. So instead of running for cover, i went to the fort and sat there on one of the walls facing the sea. It kept on raining but by now i was immune to it. Finally around 4:30PM it stopped raining and a couple of White Bellied sea eagles came out. It was as if someone had finally run out of water!!!. I made a quick trip to Chapora, Vagator, Anjuna, Candolim, Calangute and Baga beaches. Had dinner in Baga with lots of Kings beer. For 20bucks a pint you just cant beat King’s beer.  Finally a DRY GOA.


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Bitten by the wanderlust bug.

2 thoughts on “Wet Goa”

  1. Keep writing! The Arabian coastline of karnataka and the western ghatis are my fav “vacation” spots.. There is so much to see and soak in.. We once did a Mangalore to Kasarogode and Bekal trip and one time the Mangalore Gokarna Marvanthe Udipi Mnnipal .. My fav has been Karwar.. Damn I was just hungover on the sea 🙂
    I think after your heroic rain drenched trip we should just rename Jog falls to Joy falls! Oh yes we did the trek aaaall the way down to the falls but on the way up somebody had to pull me up 😀 grin! Safe journey Rider 🙂

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