To Goa,through the Jungle

From Karwar, one can go straight to Panaji on NH17 or take the circuitous option of Karwar—>Anshi—>Supa–>Ramnagar–>Ponda—>Panaji–>Mapusa. Me being me, i obviously took the second option:)

It was drizzling when i started and it continued to drizzle throughout the day. My destination for the day was going to be  Anshi Nature Camp. As it was going to be a small ride, so i rode very slowly never crossing 50kmph taking in as much as the greenery and rain that i could. Its a very pleasant route and highly recommended especially during the monsoons. I reached Anshi by afternoon and stayed at the dormitory( big surprise,eh 🙂 ) It was raining so there was nothing much to do but laze around.

The next day morning it was still raining, so i did not see much value in staying back. After a late breakfast, i started my ride for the day. Today’s destination was going to be Mapusa,Goa. Uptill Londa, the beautiful ride continued. Crossed the huge Supa reservoir which was brimming with water.

At Ramnagar, i joined NH4A and my miseries began. The road was  pathetic and the craters were filled with “red” water  because of the huge amount of iron ore that is transported via this route. And to top that there was loads of truck traffic. The going was slow and painful. The ghat sections that had been a delight till now did not seem to be so when you are sandwiched between two overloaded trucks going downhill. To add to my woes,just before reaching Ponda i took a wrong turn and got off the highway. Even with the raincoat on, the rain had drenched me completely.

I reached Mapusa by 4PM. I’d read about homestays being available here. So i scanned the whole area, but today was not my lucky day. So i headed towards Anjuna for some place by the beach. Most of the doors i knocked on did not seem interested to offer a place to a desi. At one place i was asked to share a room with a very “high” guy and the room filled with half of Anjuna’s  sand. It was already dark so i returned back to Mapusa and checked into the first hotel that i could find. It was one miserable day and did i say the rains continued:(.


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