The green road to Agumbe

The Green Road

I started my onward journey from Muthodi by 9AM. The plan for the day was to reach Agumbe, one of my favorite places.I did not have much of an idea as to how today’s route will be. It turned out to be one of the best i’ve had. The route turned out to be
The ride started with a good omen. Right outside MNC i found a vine snake having a sun bath. This was one bold snake and it allowed me all-the-time-in-the-world to shoot.

Vine Snake

From Muthodi to Balehennur, the roads were a mixture of good and bad but the surroundings were an absolute riot of green. On some stretches, the roads were bathed in diffused sunlight because of the vegetation on both sides. It was an absolute delight to drive. I would anyday exchange driving on boring 6 lane highways for these two lane drives.
From Balehennur to Sringeri, the surroundings remained equally delightful and the road conditions improved. There were nice ghat sections in-between to add to the fun.
I reached Sringeri post noon. Sringeri is the first maÅ£h established by Adi Shankaracharya and i wanted to checkout the temple. But is was too crowded and “commercial” looking, so i proceeded towards Agumbe. The lovely ride continued and i reached Agumbe around 4PM.
Agumbe is one of the wettest place in India receiving about 6 liters (yups, i’ve got my units right!!) every monsoon. Its a “green-seekers” paradise. At Agumbe the best place(n i think the only place) to stay is at Kasturi akka’s house. As i greeted her i gladly realized that she remembers be from my last visit about 1.5 years ago. Most of us would have seen her house on TV as this is Swamy’s house of Malgudi Days fame.
Kasturi akka is an awesome cook and her kashaya(a concoction of herbs) can rejuvenate the most tired of bodies.

Kasturi akka n mom

In the evening i just lazed around soaking in the green. Dinner was delicious with jack-fruit seed curry being the highlight.
Today’s drive, although a short one, was one of the best day’s ride that i have had.


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10 thoughts on “The green road to Agumbe”

  1. kasturi akka and her yummy food… I couldnt choose between the food and the monsoon soaked agumbe.. 🙂 for a bengali such a choice is very tough.

    1. 110cc is absolutely fine…i myself have rode a 125 cc all over Ladakh and Arunachal.
      Remember it is always the rider and not the bike that matters.

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